Five Quick Tips on Social Media, Job Hunting and Recruitment

Social media is being promoted as the answer to a lot of problems in recruiting. Both from the perspective of employers and job hunters. I’m a pretty active user of social media, not a guru or expert as lot of people claim to be, but I think I have some quick insights that might help you.

  1. Don’t rely on it exclusively. It’s just not useful enough to be a primary method of recruiting or job-hunting.
  2. Try to get involved before you need it. Whether you’re a job-hunter or an employer, trying to dig the well when you’re thirsty isn’t going to be particularly useful.
  3. Forget about measuring ROI at first, if you do you’ll quit.
  4. Don’t expect your contacts to do much more for you at first or even ever. The relationships you build on social media sites like Twitter aren’t the kind where you can ask for immediate help.

Good luck with building your social media profile, first thing you can do is follow me.

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