3 Top Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

From: Lou Adler of The Adler Group 

In the search for the perfect candidate, many hiring managers make these top hiring mistakes:

  1. Starting a search with a bad job description: If it’s vague or unclear or incomplete, the search will be unfocused and the talent and skill of your candidates will be a mash-up of  misses or peripheral applicants. If you don’t know exactly what you want, how will you know what you get is what you want?
  2. Making the assessment too quickly: Impressions and presentations are all good, but it’s important to get to know what the real factors are in a “good/great hire” – and that is, whether the candidate can perform the tasks you require successfully. It’s been said that quick judgments based on affability, first impressions and communication skills can often lead to a wrong decision, either hiring someone who gave positive first impressions who can’t perform, or worst, passing over someone who can truly perform and succeed who didn’t give as good of a first impression.
  3. Basing the hiring decision on criteria that doesn’t predict on-the-job success: It’s important that your criteria for hiring is the right ones tied to how someone performs in the current or past jobs that will translate to successful performance in yours.

How to make the right hiring decision then?

  • Start with a clear performance-based job description and requirements to clarify expectations
  • Be aware of snap judgments and make sure you have all evidence of the candidate’s track record of performance and experience
  • Clarify criteria that is tied to successful performance, which can include not just technical skills, but also how they work with others and make decisions meet with actual job needs, the manager’s leadership style, and the company culture
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